Top 7 Benefits of Hiring a Security Guard

Do you run a business in a professional office space? Are you wondering how you can make it more secure?

Studies show that your business can greatly benefit from the presence of a security guard. In fact, data shows that it can contribute to reducing crime.

How can a professionally trained security guard help your business?

Let’s take a look.


1.They Act as Deterrents

All types of security guards let potential intruders or thieves know that your school, hospital, or office building is being carefully monitored. Professionals are monitoring the space and they are ready to respond if something criminal occurs.

Security guards can also do more than contact authorities if people are in danger. Criminals know this and will choose to do their business elsewhere.

2.They Are Trained

Security guards get prepared through on-the-job training and extensive Security courses. These courses teach prospective guards about the use of physical force and local laws.

Guards develop proficiency with handguns and take a written exam. They undergo certification testing, background checks, and protective  licensure. These professionals are often also certified to use tactics and strategies to deescalate high risk situations.

In addition, our security guards get certified in first-aid and CPR to help in a variety of emergency situations that could arise in your place of business.

3. Smart For a High-Risk Business

Commercial businesses are at high risk of crime. In fact, a 2017 FBI study found that of 280,357 robberies in 2016, only 16.6% happened in residences.

Businesses that are at high risk for theft include banks, department stores, and convenience stores. Here, items can easily get hidden in purses or backpacks. A commercial security company can keep crime from becoming a problem.

4.More Than Cameras

Precautions such as security cameras can prevent crime because camera tape can catch shoplifters when something is found missing. Experienced security guards, however, provides an extra layer of deterrence and protection.

5.Save You Money

All commercial owners know that crime is extremely costly. In fact, robberies can cost you over $67,000 per incident. Hiring a professional and well-trained guard can save your business a tremendous expense.

Security guards are paid by their companies to do a thorough job of protecting your property. They may cost you around $30-$40 per hour. This is a small price to pay for the peace of knowing that your business is protected from crime.

6.A First Line of Defense

If an intruder or burglar enters your business, you won’t need to wait for the police to arrive. A vigilant security guard can stop the criminal in their tracks before they enter the premises and begin causing harm.

Security guards are constantly monitoring your premises and watching cameras. You won’t have to worry that crime will go unnoticed and get worse while no one is watching.

7.Excellent Reputation

Many local security companies have fine reputations within the community. Look for a company that is licensed and insured. They should be known for taking top-notch care of their customers.


The TRUE Value of Hiring a Security Guard

A security guard can save your business precious time and money. They can keep your property safe for years to come.

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How to Find the Right Security Company in Houston, TX

According to the FBI’s annual report, violent and property crimes have increased in the United States in the last 4 years. A professional security guard company in Houston ensures you total peace of mind with their patrolling, monitoring and access control services.

The ever-increasing security demands have triggered the mushroom growth of the security business in Texas. Therefore, it’s really challenging to find the right one in the crowd. You shouldn’t rush into the first security service provider you come across. After all, security is the first line of defense. If you are looking to choose an efficient security service provider, make sure to follow the points given below.

1. What Kind of Reputation Do They Have?

The track record and reviews of a security company matter a lot.
There is no use of the company’s fifty years of experience if they fail to protect your property and people.
Ask them to provide the contacts of their past clients so that you can verify if their claims are true. The right security company has strong technological solutions, great customer service, and training provided for the guards.

2. Is Security Their Sole Business?

There are many security companies in Texas which also provide cleaning, parking, landscaping, and even real estate services. But it is downright important to choose a security guard company specializing in the type of security you need. A complete security guard company is familiar with the security concerns and requirements of their clients.

3. Are They Licensed and Insured?

Make sure your security service provider is licensed and insured.
A security guard has to go through a 40-hour training course to get qualified by the state. They are thoroughly screened with a background check from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Besides, the company should be insured enough to cover your situation. It can be an auto liability, general liability and workman’s comp. The insurance cover becomes useful if a security guard gets an injury or bodily harm while performing duty at your premises.

4. How Well-trained are its Security Guards?

Hiring a security company with well-trained security guards is important. In fact, this is the last thing you should worry about. A well-trained guard knows how to deal with emergencies and monitor the premises. Inexperienced and ill-prepared guards won’t be live up to your expectations.

5. How Much Will It Cost?

The charges can be a flat monthly rate, hourly rate, weekly rate or bi-weekly rate. Make sure to choose the security services according to your requirements and budget as well. However, don’t settle for the companies offering the lowest bid as they may cut a corner on their services.

It is important to work with the right security guard company in Houston. With our cities growing, and crime rates increasing, it is no longer a luxury to have security, but instead a necessity. If you are looking for an efficient security guard company, look no further than Texas Division Patrol, Inc.. We are your local security experts and provide trained, screened and experienced security guards for your all needs. Just call us at 832-888-3116 or write to us at

What You Need to Know About Security Patrol Services defines patrol as an activity to “keep watch over (an area) by regularly walking or traveling around it.”

Security patrols are important yet necessary security operations that should be provided by any security guard company. In fact, it is the first and foremost duty of a security guard to always remain proactive and vigilant. Effective security patrols are important to improve the security of the client’s site. They are carried out on both foot and vehicles.

Here we have rounded up everything you should know about security patrol services.

What Are the Different Types of Security Patrol?

Generally, there are two types of security patrols conducted by private security guard companies.

1. Foot Patrol

Foot patrol is conducted on foot as the name implies. This form of patrolling is important as a guard can efficiently assess the site. Whey they actively walk through a client’s site, it lets the guard discover prospective security incidents like open windows, jammed doors, potential trespassers, flooding and triggers of a fire breakout. A security guard can record the details and can check inside the premises.

2. Vehicle Security Patrol

This is predominantly used for large sites. This type of security patrol lets the guard cover a large amount of ground in a short period of time, especially when an immediate response is required. This includes actual vehicles, golf carts, bicycles, etc.

Who Can Opt for Patrolling Security Services?

While patrolling services are often associated with residential security, many industries are investing in them due to the ever increasing crime rate. Industries with a large site like construction, hotel, and farming sites often require security patrol. Event managers also require these services when they have a large venue to manage. And with the help of a support team and perhaps some CCTV cameras, one can do the job.

How a Security Patrol is Carried Out:

Patrols are an important part of a security guard’s job. From walking without creating attention to getting in touch with a supervisor, there are many things a security guard requires for effective patrolling. They are allocated to specific checkpoint locations. A checkpoint is generally accessible to the guards on the round. Security guards on the patrols are equipped with communication devices, a baton, and pepper spray. The schedules and routes for patrolling are chosen randomly so that potential criminal can’t predict the timings of a patrol.

Why Patrolling Services Are Important

In patrolling, security guards inspect, monitor and prevent security incidents as they move from place to place.

Today, a number of industries are investing in mobile patrols to keep their properties and people safe. This job requires the guards to be more equipped, trained and fit than the traditional static job. This way, they ensure peace of mind to the clients, workers, residents, and visitors. You know that they are around you to keep an eye on the area and will be there for a quick response to any emergency.As they keep strolling around, they act as the visual deterrents to the potential criminals.

Another benefit is that they are available around the clock, meaning that your site will be guarded just as well during the wee hours as they are during the day. No matter it being day or night, they will quickly respond to any crises of danger and alert the responsible authorities so that the damage or loss couldn’t go worse.

By now, hopefully, you’ve understood the benefits and process for having security patrol services. They move across the site so that they can be visible to both people and potential criminals over there, so you can continue doing your own work with no worries!

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