Top 7 Benefits of Hiring a Security Guard

Do you run a business in a professional office space? Are you wondering how you can make it more secure?

Studies show that your business can greatly benefit from the presence of a security guard. In fact, data shows that it can contribute to reducing crime.

How can a professionally trained security guard help your business?

Let’s take a look.


1.They Act as Deterrents

All types of security guards let potential intruders or thieves know that your school, hospital, or office building is being carefully monitored. Professionals are monitoring the space and they are ready to respond if something criminal occurs.

Security guards can also do more than contact authorities if people are in danger. Criminals know this and will choose to do their business elsewhere.

2.They Are Trained

Security guards get prepared through on-the-job training and extensive Security courses. These courses teach prospective guards about the use of physical force and local laws.

Guards develop proficiency with handguns and take a written exam. They undergo certification testing, background checks, and protective  licensure. These professionals are often also certified to use tactics and strategies to deescalate high risk situations.

In addition, our security guards get certified in first-aid and CPR to help in a variety of emergency situations that could arise in your place of business.

3. Smart For a High-Risk Business

Commercial businesses are at high risk of crime. In fact, a 2017 FBI study found that of 280,357 robberies in 2016, only 16.6% happened in residences.

Businesses that are at high risk for theft include banks, department stores, and convenience stores. Here, items can easily get hidden in purses or backpacks. A commercial security company can keep crime from becoming a problem.

4.More Than Cameras

Precautions such as security cameras can prevent crime because camera tape can catch shoplifters when something is found missing. Experienced security guards, however, provides an extra layer of deterrence and protection.

5.Save You Money

All commercial owners know that crime is extremely costly. In fact, robberies can cost you over $67,000 per incident. Hiring a professional and well-trained guard can save your business a tremendous expense.

Security guards are paid by their companies to do a thorough job of protecting your property. They may cost you around $30-$40 per hour. This is a small price to pay for the peace of knowing that your business is protected from crime.

6.A First Line of Defense

If an intruder or burglar enters your business, you won’t need to wait for the police to arrive. A vigilant security guard can stop the criminal in their tracks before they enter the premises and begin causing harm.

Security guards are constantly monitoring your premises and watching cameras. You won’t have to worry that crime will go unnoticed and get worse while no one is watching.

7.Excellent Reputation

Many local security companies have fine reputations within the community. Look for a company that is licensed and insured. They should be known for taking top-notch care of their customers.


The TRUE Value of Hiring a Security Guard

A security guard can save your business precious time and money. They can keep your property safe for years to come.

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